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We design and make our activewear in Guatemala. Our belief is that if you have clothes that fit you well and feel good, you'll be a lot likelier to stay active.

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Why we call ourselves "Alma" Activewear

Did you know that smiling makes you happier? Like being happy makes you smile?

Our physiology is important for our wellbeing. When our bodies are functioning correctly, and we feel good, our mental and emotional states also improve. 

Our state determines how we experience life. And we are all about great life experiences. 

So we figure: 

Healthy Body = Healthy Mind and Soul = A Great Life Experience


Our Story

Like many entrepreneurial ventures, Alma Active started out of a need. This one specifically was for running clothes that were cut to fit well, look good, and feel even better. As the founder, I started looking at prints at the time to add some UMPH! to the clothes, which I felt were very masculine and square. 

The result was a first collection of fun and colorful prints inspired by Guatemalan textiles and my travels. We launched with a small collection of six different prints, with only tank tops. Soon we evolved to adding tights, jackets, a men's collection, and we are now working on launching our kids collection!

We do bring fabrics from Colombia, but the design, the sublimation, and the manufacturing is all done in Guatemala. We have also had a few international collabs with great designers and companies along the way. 

We are proud to work primarily with women, and to be a mom-friendly company. We also love dogs.

Also, we source our fabrics from a company with very high environmental standards. They have water treatment for all of their water use, work every year on reducing energy consumption, and on eliminating additional pollutants such as noise by planting trees. Although not every fabric uses recycled material, they do also recycle polyester and include it in selective fabrics. As athletes, we appreciate companies that help us clean our outdoors clean. 

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