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The Elements Collection: In search of some soul

Posted on June 19 2017

Cool Printed Leggins and Workout Pants

We set out every season to create a collection of print leggins and women's sportswear that really embodies what our customers believe in. Last season we launched the Unstoppable collection, envisioning a multi-passionate athlete who is devoted on the road and in the office, with his family and with her career.

This season, we've started out with a collection that is more grounded and speaks to something deeply embedded in us: the power of the elements. These are wind, fire, earth and water.

We've now launched earth with our new elephant print: a symbol of strength, stability, and resilience. We are officially in love:

elephant print leggins

In part, I launched it because know that I have a baby boy, I've realized how prevalent toy animals are in his life, yet I fear that he will only get to see a cartoon lion or zebra in his lifetime because we are losing species by the thousands.

Here is a preview of our upcoming prints - a tribute to the earth we walk on, which feeds us and nurtures us. Let's hug it back this year.





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