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5 Benefits of Compression Socks

Posted on May 16 2017

What the heck is "Compression"?
You've seen runners with their bright compression socks, right? You surely saw them racing, and most likely wearing them under their pants in their office. Surely they can't be comfortable, you think to yourself. So why wear any sort of tight clothing when you are already experiencing the discomfort of a workout?

runners compression socks

What are the benefits of compression socks (or any wear?)

  • Compression keeps muscles in place while you move, reducing muscle fatigue
  • Compression improves blood flow, reducing accumulation of blood lactates
  • Improved blood flow also speeds up muscle warm up
  • Reduces swelling in the area
  • And helps speed up draining of accumulated toxins for a quicker recovery


      How does compression help my running?
      When you wear compression, you are essentially boosting your muscles' capacity to perform. By reducing vibrations and micro-tearing, you experience less muscle pain while you work out and post-sweat sesh, and the increased blood flow after training basically turbo charges your muscles' ability to rebuild themselves.

      Is it only for runners?
      Aside from endurance athletes like runners and triathletes, compression helps anyone performing physical activity, which is why you'll see nurses who are standing all day wearing compression as well. It also helps pregnant women reduce swelling in feet and legs, and basically anyone needing to improve blood flow to a certain area.

      Will I look ridiculous?
      Yes! Especially to non-athletes, but hey, own your silly compression style ;) .


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